FOI Request - Deferral from Primary School

Request 101000236741

The question I would like to know the answer to is:
How many deferral* requests (from starting Primary School)
a.      Have been made
b.      Have been granted
Since (and including) 2006 and for each and every subsequent year

*A deferred child refers to a child who is 4 years old at the start of the school session in August i.e. with birthdays on or after the first day of term in August up to the end of February the following year; whose parents/carers have requested that their child start school the following August (i.e. when they are 5 years old).

Response 22-04-2014

Number of deferred entries:

2011/12 - 121

2012/13 - 95

2013/14 - 110

All requests were granted.

Information prior to this time is no longer available.

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