FOI Request - Energy Efficiency

Request 101000235073

(a) whether you are currently undertaking, or have any plans to undertake, energy efficiency or insulation work under the ECO scheme and, if so:
(b) how many households were planned to received measures,
(c) how many measures were planned to be installed,
(d) when the work was due to start,
(e) if the work is (i) going ahead as planned, (ii) has been revised and if so what revisions have been made to the original plan of work, (iii) has been put on hold and (iv) has been cancelled.

Response 16-04-2014

(a)      Yes

(b)      2013/14 original programme - 928 households

           2013/14 original programme - 507 households

(c)       Measures as households above

(d).      Works on programme started in February 2014 and are required to be complete by September 2014. Scottish Government has extended the completion date for the completion of works on the 2013/14 Home Energy Efficiency Programme Scotland (HEEPS)/ECO programme from 31 March 2014 to September 2014.  External Wall Insulation measures to 80 properties have been delayed due to lower than anticipated ECO funding. These were originally due to start in February 2013 but have been delayed until May 2014 because a new funding package had to be agreed with ECO funder.

(e)      Revisions to detail plan of work detailed at b. above. Apart from the 80 properties receiving external wall insulation, delays on programme mainly due to issues associated with administering the HEEPS/ECO programme. At this stage, no works have been cancelled.

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