FOI Request - Provision of Electric Vehicle Recharging Points

Request 101000234700

I would be grateful if you could supply information under the Freedom of Information Act, with regard to Transport Scotland's 'Electric Vehicles' initiative.

Does the Council operate or have plans pending for the provision of public electrical re-charging points for electric vehicles either directly, or in association with a third-party supplier or facilities provider? If so, what is the location of these points, and the type of connection provided (Slow - 13a Standard / Fast - Type 2 / Rapid - Chademo) etc

Response 08-04-2014

Currently we are in the process of installing 3 publically accessible Electric Charge Points at Keith (Rapid/Fast), Buckie (Fast) and Aberlour (Fast) as part of grant funding project with Transport Scotland. It is anticipated that all three sites will be operational towards the end of April and exact locations will be registered on the Charge Your Car Website.

A Rapid/Fast Charger was installed in Elgin using a previous grant from Transport Scotland and it has been operational since January 2014.

All Rapid/Fast Chargers have a Chadem and Type 2 connection while the smaller fast chargers have just Type 2.

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