Housing Allocations Policy - Section 21

21. Performance monitoring 

21.1 The Council currently monitors its performance in relation to the time taken to relet vacant properties and the amount of rent lost as a result of vacant properties. Reports on these performance indicators are presented to the Communities Committee of the Council on a quarterly basis.

21.2 The Council will set performance standards in relation to its Allocations Policy and will monitor its achievement of these standards.

21.3 In addition to statutory performance indicators, the Council will also monitor.
• Ethnic origin of
• Applicants on the Housing List
• New tenants
• The number of people who consider themselves to have a disability
• The percentage of allocations by group
• Homeless List
• Waiting List
• Transfer List
• The percentage of tenancy offers refused during the year

21.4 The performance indicators detailed in paragraph 21.3 will be reported to the Communities Committee. These reports will be public documents. The confidentiality of individual applicants’ circumstances will be maintained.

21.5 The Council will welcome views of applicants on the Allocations Policy, the procedures adopted by the Council and how applications are dealt with.  

21.6 The Council will review the operation of the Allocations Policy on an annual basis. A review report will be considered annually by the Communities Committee.   

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