FOI Request - Home Care Visits

Request 101000224548

1. The total number of home care visits which are 15 minutes or less broken down by financial year since 2007.

2. The percentage of home care visits which are 15 minutes or less broken by financial year since 2007.  

3. The reasons for which the visits were undertaken (eg. general welfare visit, reminder to take medicine etc…)

Response 25-03-2014

To provide the information you seek over the period of time requested would take an extraordinary amount of time due to the way care visits are recorded. The Carefirst system deployed by Moray Council and its NHS partners only records the time commissioned per day.  This works if the client is commissioned for 15 minutes or less per day, but if for example the client gets 2 x 15 minutes sessions then on Carefirst they would be recorded as 30 minutes and therefore would not show on the report.  In the visit reports staff tend to write in the notes the split of hours, however this is a free text field and not easily reportable.  Therefore due to the many variations on what staff could enter, to extract the information you require would entail each report being manually inspected and data extracted.

We have not estimated the number of hours this operation would take, but it would clearly be more than the current cost limit contained within the FOI(S)A guidelines. 

This request is exempt under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 due to excessive cost of compliance.

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