FOI Request -Genealogical Companies

Request 101000233884

1) Does the council have any dealings with genealogical company, probate specialist or genealogy firms?

2) What are the names of those companies?

3) For what purpose are those companies used?

4) Which department is in contact with that genealogical companies, probate specialists or genealogy firms?

5) Who and/or which department makes the executive decision to contact the genealogical companies, probate specialists or genealogy firms?

6) Provide the name of the council staff, job title, department, email and telephone number of the person who contacts the genealogical companies, probate specialists or genealogy firms.

7) Does the council use a particular company? If yes, what are the reasons behind them?

8) Does the council get paid from those companies?

9) If yes, in what format does the council receive the payment? And how much does the council get paid?

10) Does the council use the companies, probate specialists or firms when there is a public health funeral?

11) How many public health funerals have taken place over the past one year (from February 2013)?

a. Have the family been contacted by the council or the genealogy company?
b. If the family were contacted by someone other than the council or genealogy company, please state their contact details.
c. What is the name of the deceased?
d. Place of birth
e. Place of death
f. Date of birth
g. Date of death
h. Address (if known)
i. Has this information been sent to Treasury Solicitor, QLTR, NUHU, Crown Solicitor, Farrer & Co, or the equivalent of?
j. If yes, please state the date (if known).
k. What were the reasons for not sending it to the places mentioned in 11i?
l. If there have been funerals prior to February 2013, and it is still pending please provide details from 11a-k.

Response 27-03-2014


This information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

10. No

11. Six


a) - By the Council

b) - N/A

c) -  h)

Hans Jurgen Migulski; not known; Elgin; not known; 6.2.13; 3, Westfield Cottages,        Elgin IV30 8XL

Alexander Alan Spence: not known; Elgin; 16.11.56; 10.5.13; 5, Charles Close, Elgin IV30 1DE

James Robson; not known; Buckie; 23.4.46; 15.6.13; 11b, Blantyre Terrace, Buckie AB56 1SJ

Thomas Young; not known; Keith; 6.10.41; 8.7.13; Weston House, 123, Moss Street, Keith AB55 5EZ

Alec Ettles; not known; Keith; 25.9.28; 7.8.13; Glenisla House, Banff Road, Keith AB55 5GT

Alastair Cruickshank; Forres; Kinloss; 27.12.46; 13.1.14; 4, Glebe road, Kinloss 3TU

11. i) - No

11. j) - N/A

11. k) - Not necessary

11. l) - None

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