FOI Request - Securing Vacant Housing

Request 101000232672

1.  How much was spent by the council on securing vacant housing/commercial properties in the past financial year?

2.  Which companies were used to secure the vacant properties/sites?

In both questions I am referring to both commercial and residential properties, both council owned and non-council owned. By securing I mean boarding up, CCTV, security guards, patrols, alarms or any other means of making the property safe.

Response 28-03-2014

1.  Cost to secure Vacant Corporate Buildings £8,593.50. It is not possible to provide a cost for securing council houses

2.  List of contractors used to secure the buildings.

            Darroch & Allan

            Moray Council DLO

            Kingdom Security Ltd

            R.C Henderson

            Northern Janitorials

            Kenneth Forrest

            KR Joiners

            Stephen Leggat.

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