Housing Allocations Policy - Sections 16-18

16. Application Management

16.1 Review of applications
All applicants for housing will be asked to renew their housing application annually, from the date that the last amendment was made to the housing application.   Failure to respond to this request will result in the application being removed from the Housing List. The applicant will be informed of the removal of the application from the Housing List.  Requests for re-instatement to the Housing List after a period of three months from removal will require the applicant to complete a new housing application form.

16.2 Change in circumstances
Applicants are advised to notify the Council as soon as possible of any change in circumstances which may affect their housing application.  Applicants are responsible for amending their online housing application, which will alert the CHR partners to any change.  For example, a change in family circumstances, change of address and so on.

16.3 Cancelled applications
On notification of an applicant’s death, the application will automatically be transferred to the surviving partner residing with the applicant. Where there is no surviving partner, the application may be transferred to any other person named in the application who has been resident with the applicant for a period of six months, providing that that person is aged 16 years or over. The applications will be re-assessed within 28 days of notification of the change in circumstances to the Council.

17. Offer of housing

17.1 The Council is committed ensuring that offers of housing are fair and based on the knowledge of the needs, circumstances and preferences contained within the application for housing.

17.2 An offer will normally be considered reasonable if it is situated in a lettings area deemed acceptable by the applicant and otherwise meets the applicant’s stated housing need as detailed on the application form.

17.3 An offer of accommodation from a RSL under the Nomination Process will count as a reasonable offer, providing that the applicant has indicated willingness to be considered for such nominations.

17.4 Offers of housing are made in writing to applicants. The offer of housing will give full information about the potential allocation and should be responded to within the timescale specified.

18. Refusal of an offer

18.1 If an applicant refuses a reasonable offer, they will be given the opportunity to review their preferences and options and will be provided with a realistic overview of their housing options.

18.2 If an applicant refuses two reasonable offers of housing within one year, the application will be suspended for a period of six months.  During that period, no further offers of accommodation will be made.  

18.3 Refusal due to the removal of the spare room subsidy

18.3.1 If an applicant refuses an offer of accommodation, on the grounds of a housing benefit shortfall due to the removal of the spare room subsidy, the Council would consider this a reasonable reason for refusing an offer.  This would only be permitted once.  Thereafter, the size of property that an applicant will be offered will be amended.

18.3.2 For example, if in accordance with section 8.3, an applicant is assessed as requiring a three bedroom property but the applicant refuses it due to the removal of the spare room subsidy, this would be considered a reasonable refusal.  This would only be permitted once.  The applicant would then be placed on the two bedroom property list and points adjusted accordingly.

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