Housing Allocations Policy - Section 19

19. Social housing options 

19.1 The Council will negotiate Nomination Arrangements with Registered Social Landlords. These arrangements will provide the Council with the right to nominate applicants from the Council’s Housing List for vacancies arising within the RSL’s housing stock.  The arrangements will not provide the Council with the right to allocate such vacancies and such allocations will be carried out in accordance with the specific RSL’s Allocations Policy and Rules. The Housing Needs Manager will inform applicants who have been nominated to an RSL of the nomination.

19.2 Applicants will be asked to indicate on their housing application whether they wish to be considered for a nomination to RSLs.

19.3 The Council has Section 5 protocols in place with RSLs in Moray.  Section 5 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 provides a statutory mechanism for local authorities to refer applicants assessed as homeless to RSLs for allocation of any forthcoming empty houses.  This addresses the contribution that RSLs can make to tackling homelessness in the area.

19.4 Existing tenants of The Moray Council have the right to apply for permission to effect a mutual exchange with another public sector or Registered Social Landlord tenant.  Such requests will be considered under the terms of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 and permission to exchange will not be unreasonably withheld. Applicants can apply for a mutual exchange on the House Exchange website.

19.5 The Council’ Downsizing Incentive Scheme operates in conjunction with the Allocations Policy.  The Scheme aims to encourage tenants who are under occupying council houses to move to smaller accommodation, thus releasing a larger property and making best use of housing stock.  This voluntary scheme offers a combination of practical and financial assistance to those council tenants who qualify.

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