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1.  What are the minimum training and qualifications levels required for home care staff employed by Local Authority?

2. Whether you ensure that individuals that provide home care services procured by the Local Authority meet minimum training and qualification level, and if so what is minimum training and qualification level

3. Does the Local Authority provide or fund any training and/or education for the home care staff employed by the Local Authority?

4. Does the Local Authority provide or fund any training and/or education for the home care staff procured by the Local Authority?

Response 01-04-2014

1. If the question is referring to home carers ONCE they are employed then the very minimum is that they complete the Induction. There is an expectation that home carers then go onto apply for SVQ level 2 after working for a minimum of 6 months.

2.  Staffing

The Contractor is required to demonstrate appropriate staffing levels to be able to deliver the service they are proposing to deliver.  In addition to this staff should have relevant working experience or competencies/qualifications for the work they will be undertaking. 

The Contractor should be aware that there might be obligations for the bidder or other existing Contractors under the TUPE regulations.

Staff qualifications

The Contractor must provide evidence of the qualifications of potential staff prior to individuals taking up post and all staff will provide at least two references, one of which must be from their most recent employer with the second being a character reference from a person who has known the applicant for a minimum period of two years.  All appointments must be subject to an enhanced disclosure check and a health check.

Standards for Internal Domiciliary Care Service

This specification is for Domiciliary Care Services, which are Personal Care services and Personal Support Services delivered to a Service User in their home.

The specific service for each Service User must be delivered in accordance with the Service User’s Care Plan provided by the Care Officer and must not be significantly varied without the prior permission of the Care Officer.

The Contractor shall be registered with the Care Commission and at all times shall be required to meet the registration requirements of the Care Commission and furthermore must at all times comply with the appropriate National Care Standards and any subsequent amendments to these standards.

This specification states the Council requirements which are beyond, or in addition to, the Care Standards.

The Contractor will actively pursue a multidisciplinary approach to achieving the goals set out in the Care Plan of the Service User.

3.  Yes the induction programme and they are able to apply with line manager approval for all our courses on our training calendar.

4.  We do not state in our contracts that we will provide or fund training for external providers

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