FOI Request - Tenancy Changes

Request 101000231075

1) How many people of Working Age have transferred from claims of Housing Benefit to Local Housing Allowance since April 2013?

2) How many people have started a new tenancy within the socially rented sector for a smaller property since April 2013?

3) For all new tenancies since April 2013, could you please specify the number of new tenancies that have been started because of people downsizing to avoid the underoccupancy penalty/new social size criteria?

Response 20-03-2014

1) and 2) 41 (these are Council tenants transferring to another Council tenancy only, we do not hold information about other social landlords)

3) In total, 18 applicants have been housed through the Council’s downsizing scheme so far this year. However, it is not possible to say how many of these have downsized to avoid the under-occupancy charge specifically as they may have moved for various reasons.  

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