FOI Request - Young Carers

Request 101000231019

1. The number of young carers in your local authority,

2. The number of young carers in receipt of an Educational Maintenance Allowance,

3. The number of young carers who have lost their Education Maintenance Allowance due to attendance issues, and,

4. The process by which young carers are identified by their school.

Response 25-03-2014

1. There are currently 145 young carers (aged 18 years and under) registered with Quarriers Carers' Support Service.

2. Zero

3. Zero

4. There are a number of ways that a young carer might be identified at school:

•           Parents/Carers may inform the school.

•           Contact with other support agencies.

•           A pupil may struggle with an aspect of school life e.g. homework, maintaining friendships or getting to school on time. The subsequent enquiry      might then identify the young person as a carer.

•           A pupil might self identify after an awareness raising event.

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