FOI Request - Health Inequalities Activities/Initiatives

Request 101000230717

1. Information of all initiatives, activities, policies undertaken by your local Community Planning Partnership or any other council body/group to specifically tackle health inequalities in each of the last four financial years;

2. The total budget for tackling health inequalities in each of the last four financial years broken down by the cost of each initiative and activity;

3. Details of any preventative initiatives/activities and spend considered as part of a wider programme to reduce health inequalities for each of the last four financial years;

4. A copy of any strategy paper which guides your approach to tackling health inequalities;

5. Information on any joint working across council portfolios and/or with other partners such as the local health board and the Scottish Government to tackle health inequalities;

Response 03-04-2014

1. Link to Moray Community Planning Partnership 10 year plan

    Link to information on The Moray Councils Health & Wellbeing activities

It would not be possible within the time guidelines within FOI(S)A to provide a detailed account of ALL initiatives, activities, policies undertaken by the CPP and others to tackle health inequalities. Essentially this would exempt the request under Section 12(1) of the Act, Excessive cost of Compliance.

However there are links above to documents relevant to your request. Addressing health inequalities involves actions on the wider social determinants of health which would include policy and activities that are concerned with the social, economic and environmental conditions that influence the health of individuals and populations.  This could include any work that is concerned with areas such as the natural and built environment; local economy and economic generation; social capital and networks; activities such as working, learning/education, shopping, playing and work that impact upon individual lifestyle factors and choices.

2. This information is not held and is therefore exempt under S17 of FOI(S)A.

We do not have a budget specifically for health inequalities, however if any department were able to identify an initiative that they had undertaken specifically to tackle health inequalities we could cost that, but none have been identified with that narrow outcome. We are at a very early stage in attributing budgets to outcomes.

3.  Please see above

4.    See Community Planning Partnership 10 year plan as above.

5.  When carrying out an equality impact assessment, the Moray Council considers health impacts - positive or negative - that the proposed actions may have on any of the groups protected under the Equality Act 2010.

Work is currently taking place to develop a joint mental health and wellbeing strategy and delivery plan for Moray by the Moray Community Health and Social Care Partnership, the third/private sector, and service users. This will have a focus upon health inequalities and addressing the needs of our most vulnerable populations. The strategy will be informed by the Scottish Government’s mental health strategy and will be supported by NHS Health Scotland and other national agencies as appropriate.

A review of the Moray Physical Activity, Sport & Health (PASH) Strategy 2007/12 will be undertaken on completion of the review of Sport and Leisure and Recreation provision in Moray.

This review has been subject to Equality Impact Assessment. The review has included a survey with questions about demographics relating to equal opportunities, disability and long term illness.

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