FOI Request - Holiday Care Activities - Children

Request 101000229805

S.27 Children (Scotland) Act 1995, local authorities have a duty to provide holiday and out of school care to 'children in need' eg. disabled children, children affected by disability of a family member, children 'looked after' by the local authority who are of school age.

1. What activities and provisions for children and children with disabilities or additional support needs are provided by leisure departments during the summer holidays? In particular, are any leisure activities provided for children with specfic disabilities, or ae they offered broadly?

2. What are the costs of the activities provided and do these costs differ for the programmes for disabled children.

3. What are the lengths of the programmes offered? ie. are they one-off taster sessions or do they last for longer periods.

4. Is there any support available to enable parents to leave their children at the activity where the child has a disability or a support need?

Response 01-04-2014

The council has a service level agreement (SLA) with Cornerstone Ltd ( for the provision of holiday activities. Please contact the organisation for help with your questions.

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