FOI Request - Vacant Properties

Request 101000228490

1. How many vacant properties are there in you geographic area of responsibility?

2. What level of housing and commercial property stock does the council posses? Please provide a figure of quantity, rather than value.

3. Which, if any, medium to large scale regeneration projects having been budgeted for within the next financial year?

Response 21-03-2014

1.  As at 19 March 2014 the total number of vacant, council owned properties within Moray is 132.  Please note that the data is a snapshot as of this date and it can vary.

A breakdown of the 132 vacant properties and the reasons for being vacant is as follows:




Used as temporary accommodation


Not available to re-let due to modernisation of property


Identified as low demand


Normal available letting stock awaiting to be allocated*


Non Housing Revenue Account Properties





*Of the 42 properties classed as normal available letting stock, the reasons the property is vacant can be due to many reasons such as:

  • property abandoned by the tenant;
  • death of a tenant;
  • transfer to another Moray Council or RSL property;
  • tenant has downsized;
  • the property is a new build Moray Council property in the process of being allocated;
  • tenant evicted due to rent arrears; or
  • they have moved back in with family or friends.

2.  As at 19 March 2014, the Moray Council’s housing stock figure is 5196 and 862 non housing stock.

3.  The Moray Council with its partners operate two Conservation Area Regeneration Schemes (CARS), one in Elgin the other one in Keith. The Elgin CARS is a £3.3 million scheme over 5 years until March 2018 and the Keith CARS a £2 million scheme over 4 years until 31st March 2016. Both contain vacant properties and any grants have to meet the Historic Scotland guidelines and have to be match funded by the owner. Full details are available on our websites –  

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