FOI Request - Applications Grade 5 Posts

Request 101000225826

Can you supply me with the following in relation to both Environment Department and Education and Social care:-

1. How many external candidates have applied for Grade 5 posts from 14 Feb 2013 - 14 Feb 2014?

2. How many external candidates got an interview?

3. Of those external candidates how many where selected for employment with Moray Council?

Response 27-03-2014

During the period 14th February 2013 – 14th March 2014 we advertised 46 vacancies for Grade 5 posts in Environmental Services (including Housing & Property Services) and Education & Social Care.

The number of external candidates for the 46 vacancies totalled 350

The number of external candidates that  were shortleeted and offered an interview was 90

Of the 90 the number of external candidates selected for appointment with The Moray Council was 13

Please note that some of the posts were not filled on the first round of recruitment.

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