FOI Request - Foster Carer Additional Allowances

Request 101000224957

Please provide details of foster carer additional allowances including:
a) holidays, Christmas and birthday allowances

b) respite allowance (is this paid or unpaid)

c) how many days per year of respite do your carers receive?

d) clothing allowance including school uniforms

e) retainer fees

f) travel expenses and how much is paid per mile

g) costs associated with contact eg. mileage/food/activities

Response 20-03-2014

a) Christmas one week allowance extra; birthday 1 weeks extra allowance; summer holiday 2 weeks extra allowance.

b) Main carer keeps 50% of allowances when children are on respite.  Respite carers receive fee and allowance.

c) 28 days

d) included in allowances

e) 2 weeks retainer paid at end of placement provided carer is available for placements.

f) 45p per mile.

g) contact costs met by dept.

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