FOI Request - 2014/15 Council Charges

Request 101000224502

I am writing to request the following information. How much will your authority charge for the following services in 2014/15?

• Per visit for gardening for elderly residents
• Per meal for the meals service for housebound residents
• Per visit for attendance at day centres for pensioners and people with learning disabilities
• Per lunch for school lunches in secondary school (and who qualifies for free school lunches)
• Swimming for adults (per session)
• Parking permits for residential streets
• Residential bulk uplift
• Rent for a three bedroom house leased from your authority
• Cremations and burials

What new charges for services are you introducing this year?

Response 17-03-2014

NB the figures are subject to Committee approval.

1. Housing Service - Grass Cutting Scheme - the service is free to qualifying applicants if they are in receipt of any amount of Housing Benefit.

2. Current cost £3.90, proposed to increase by 2.5% therefore if approved, this will increase to £4.00.

3. Current non personal care hourly charge is £11 therefore if 2.5% increase is approved, this will increase to £11.28.

NB - the hourly charge will not be applicable to new service users from April 2014 or those subject to review, this will be following the implementation of SDS, the service user will be required to make a contribution towards their personal budget as opposed to a charge for services.

4. Secondary school meals are priced per item selected.

Free school meals are provided to children whose parent(s) / carer(s) receive the following benefits:
• Income Support,
• Income-based Job Seekers' allowance,
• Any income related element of Employment and Support Allowance
• Universal Credit
• Child Tax Credit but not Working Tax Credit, and your annual income, as assessed by the Inland Revenue, is below £15,910, or
• Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit with an income below the threshold for receipt of maximum Working Tax Credit, currently set by the Government at £6,420
• Support under Part VI - Immigration & Asylum Act 1999
Pupils aged 16 - 18 are eligible for free school meals in their own right if they are in receipt of one of the above benefits.  


6. This information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; information otherwise available here

7. Proposed fee from 01-04-2014 is £16.60 plus vat

8. Average rent will be £61.02.

9. No cremations.  Burial fees were increased from 01-02-2014 as follows:

Internment Charges:

                                        Mon-Fri                Sat                  Sun

Under 16yrs of age            £353.00            £529.50            £706.00

Over 16yrs of age              £756.00         £1,134.00           £1,512.00

Casket of Ashes                £178.00            £267.00              £356.00

10. New charges

Handling mooring ropes (on each occasion) £20.00

Electric charge point per visit £3.80 (flat fee to ensure operation of unit remains cost neutral).

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