FOI Request - School - December Born Boys

Request 101000224447

1. In each of the past five academic years (2009-10 to 20013-14 inclusive), how many December-born boys have started school aged 4 years old, and how many aged 5 years old?

2. In each of those five years, how many of those December-born boys who started school aged 5 years old were provided with a funded additional year of nursery, and how many were refused?  

3. In each of those five years, have any children (not just December-born boys, but any children) been withdrawn from school for any reason after starting, and re-started primary one the following August?

4. If you have a policy on deferring entry to school, could you please supply me with a copy, or the URL if it's on your website?

Response 25-02-2014

1.                         Aged 4 Aged 5
        2009/10         22         8
        2010/11         30         8
        2011/12         24         10
        2012/13         27         10
        2013/14         25         12

2. No child was refused a deferred entry place.  An additional year of funded pre-school education would have been available to any of these children who requested a place.

3. None

4. This information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; information otherwise accessible.  Available here.

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