FOI Request - Paper & Paper Product Purchase Costs

Request 101000224432

1. How much did your council, and its constituent departments, spend on purchasing paper and paper products - (such as pads, copier/fax/printer paper, post-it notes etc) in the financial years 2011/2012, 2012/2013 and in the first six months of the current financial year 2013/2014

2. How much did the council, and constituent departments, spend on purchasing or renting/leasing fax and photocopier machines in the two full and half years outlined above. Could you please include rental costs, commission paid on copies to suppliers and the rental costs of those phone lines dedicated to the use of fax machines.

Response 20-03-2014

1. 2011/12 - £58,519

2012/13 - £87,583

2013/14 first six months - £48,710

2.                         2014             2013                    2012                  2011
Nett Spend     £63,965.55     £260,752.63     £285,613.84     £266,870.93

The total rental cost for phone lines dedicated to fax machines for the two and a half year period specified £3500.

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