FOI Request - Unpaid Council Tax - Councillors

Request 101000224408

1. The number of occasions from January 1, 2013, till January 31st, 2014 that reminder letters were sent to your authority's councillors for non-payment of council tax.

2. Could you please specify the amount of money owed for each occasion a letter was sent?

3. Could you also specify the political party of the councillor involved where there are enough members of one party to avoid identification? ie. If there are 5 Labour councillors, then specifying that a councillor receiving a letter is Labour does not contravene data protection - where as if there's just one Labour councillor, it obviously would and I wouldn't expect this information to be provided.

4. Where multiple letters have been sent for a single case, could this be made clear.

5. Could you outline how the matter of non-payment was resolved? ie. Paid in full in September 2013, court appearance and settled in October 2013 etc.

Response 10-03-2014

1. One First Reminder-Notice.

2. £286

3. This information is exempt under Section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; Personal Information

4. n/a - see response to question 1.

5. The Reminder-Notice was paid in full within the stated statutory period.

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