FOI Request - Mobile Phones & MDM

Request 101000224398

1. Which Vendor provides your corporate mobile phones?

2. Which handsets do you provide? (Just the 3 most popular models will suffice)

3. How many corporate mobile phones / devices do you have? (approximately)

4. Do you have a mobile device management (MDM) solution?

5. Which MDM solution do you use?

6. What is the annual cost of your MDM software for 2013/14?

7. Do you have PSN accreditation?

8. Does your MDM solution include the use of a VPN?

9. Does your MDM solution include the use of a APN?

10. Do you allow BYOD?

Response 10-03-2014

1. EE/Orange, Vodafone

2. Nokia Asher, Galaxy Fame, Sony Xperia

3. 1000

4. see below

5. N/A

6. N/A

7. yes

8. N/A

9. The Council is currently implementing an APN solution to control web access but doesn’t have a device based MDM solution as such.

10. No

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