FOI Request - Sustainable Review of Schools

Request 101000224368

1. Can you please tell me the initial cost to Moray Council for Caledonian Economics services for the sustainable review of schools.

2. The time review has been a lot longer than first documented and has moray council paid that company any more money for the delay?

Response 06-03-2014

1. The original budget figure for the review was £60,000

2. The time frame for the review has been extended to include additional consultation activities and workshops.  These were arranged in response to requests from the local community and staff.  Additional time was also required to carry out analysis of these and prepare the reports.

Some of these additional activities and workshops were carried out by Caledonian Economics and others were carried out ‘in-house’ by council staff.  Where additional work has been carried out by Caledonian Economics an additional fee will be paid.  This will be based on the rates agreed as part of their contract.  The council cannot release these rates as they are commercially sensitive therefore this information is exempt under Section 33(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

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