FOI Request - PSN CoCo Compliance

Request 101000221458

1. Has the authority achieved PSN CoCo compliance? If so, a. what date did you receive your PSN Certificate? b. does the authority have a live PSN connection yet?

2. If the authority hasn't achieved PSN CoCo compliance yet - what is the reason? a. authority has tried but failed to meet the requirements? b. authority's current GCF CoCo has not yet expired? c. authority doesnt require PSN connection

3. Does the authority currently have a BYOD solution in place and does the authority currently have any plans to withdraw this.

Response 14-02-2014

1. Yes, the authority is PSN compliant.

(a) Certificate received 04/12/2013.

(b) The authority does not currently have a live PSN connection.

2. The authority is compliant so not applicable

3. The authority does not have a BYOD solution and does not permit the use of BYOD.

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