FOI Request - CCTV Cameras

Request 101000220892

1. Please could you confirm how many public space CCTV cameras that the Local Authority owns and maintains?

2. Of this total, please confirm how many are mobile,  and whether any of these cameras incorporate facial recognition or Automatic Number Plate Recognition technologies. If so, please tell me how many of each type of camera the local authority operates, and how many records (e.g vehicle movements for ANPR cameras) the council recorded in the last twelve months.

3. Please could you confirm whether the Local Authority also has direct 'real-time' access to information from any other public space CCTV cameras owned by another body? If so, how many cameras does this include, what are their capabilities and which bodies are responsible for maintaining them?

4. Please could you confirm whether the Local Authority is able to provide a direct "live" feed of data (images, video, audio or "meta data") from any of its public space CCTV cameras to Police Scotland, or any other body? If so, how many of the CCTV cameras maintained by the Local Authority are directly accessible by another public body?

5. Please supply the policies that outline how long CCTV data is retained for by the local authority, and what third party organisations may request access to the data kept?

6. In the last year, please confirm how many times the local authority supplied CCTV data to a third party organisation? Please list the names of the organisations that were supplied with CCTV data from the local authority in the last year.

7. Please supply the details of any software currently used by the local authority to manage and analyse CCTV information. Please supply the names of the companies that supply it.

8. Has the local authority ever conducted a review or evaluation of the effectiveness of the CCTV cameras it operates? If so, please supply this documentation in full.

9. Please confirm the revenue costs associated with maintaining and managing the council's CCTV network, for each of the last three years that data is available for.

10. Please itemise any expenditure required to rectify damage to the council owned public space CCTV cameras caused by vandalism or criminal activity in each of the last three years for which data is available for.

11. Does the local authority provide funding to any other body specifically for the purposes of maintaining public space CCTV cameras? If so, please confirm which organisations are funded, and how much funding they received in each of the last three years.

12. Please supply me with a spreadsheet showing the locations and technological specifications of each public space CCTV camera the local authority operates. Ideally, each camera's location should be specified with reference to the nearest postcode or lat/long coordinates.

Response 07-02-2014

1. None

This information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.  The information can be obtained from Police Scotland.

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