FOI Request - Staff & Costs for Council Functions

Request 101000220754

Please provide the information requested below for each of the designated corporate services functions.   I have included a detail of key processes/services that we believes are included within these functions.  Services are:

Payroll - payroll services, pensions administration
HR - Employee programmes & services, recruitment administration, workforce planning & performance monitoring, statutory reporting and checks, training and development
Finance & Accounting - Financial record keeping and reporting, accounts payable and receivable, travel and expenses, internal audits, project accounting, financial support and advice, debt management and recovery, processing of credit and debit card payments
Procurement - purchasing and low value procurement, processes and administration, spend analysis, supplier financial assessments
Revenue & Benefits - council tax and business rates, housing and council benefits, collection and recovery, benefit fraud investigation

1. Number of FTE headcount (employed directly by your organisation) dedicated to this function.

2. What is the annual budget for providing this function?

3. Please provide a breakdown of the annual costs as you would usually present it (eg. by staff, software, services).

4. Is any part of this service function provided by an external supplier ie. not by your organisation?  If so, please name the supplier (s).

5. What type of services do these suppliers provide? eg. bureau service, shared service capability, full outsourcing.

6. Is any part of this service function shared with other public sector organisations?

7. If so, please indicate what is shared and with whom.

Response 04-03-2014

The information you requested can be found here.

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