FOI Request - Disposal of Bodies Under 1948 Nat Assistance Act

Request 101000219805

Can you answer each of these questions for the financial years 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13
1. Can you tell me how many times your local authority paid for the disposal of LA residents’ bodies in the above years under the 1948 National Assistance Act? And also how much this cost the LA?

2. Can you also tell me out of this total how many were buried and how many were cremated?

3. Out of the people buried can you tell me how many were put into lairs that hosted multiple bodies?

4. Out of these multiple body lairs can you tell me what your LA’s limit is on how many bodies you can put in each lair?

Response 21-02-2014

1.2010/11: Three     2011/12: One     2012/13:   Two

The cost of the funerals are covered by a contract which Moray Council has with a local funeral undertaker. The contract is for a period of three years. The costs including other burial expenditures and also for officers' time involved in making the arrangements are claimed back from any available estates.

2. All were burials.

3.  Four

4. The maximum would be three full internments.

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