FOI Request - Potholes Identified

Request 101000218467

1) How many potholes have been reported for each of the years of the last three years?

2) How many of these have been fixed?

3) How many have not been fixed? Please provide the most common explanations for not fixing these.

Response 20-02-2014

1. 2011-12 = 365

2012-13 = 444

2013-14 = 241 (up to 19/02/14)

Note:- the above figures are the number of ‘carriageway defect’ faults reported by 3rd Parties in each of these years.  It is also important to note that a ‘carriageway defect’ fault may not be a pothole at all, or may include several potholes.  The above figures therefore do not answer your specific question, but are the closest data that is available.

2. 2011-12 = 252

2012-13 = 308

2013-14 = 174 (up to 19/02/14)

3. 2011-12 = 113

2012-13 = 136

2013-14 = 67 (up to 19/02/14)

The most common reason for a reported defect not being fixed is it not being the Road Authority’s responsibility i.e. either the defect is located outwith the adopted road, or is within the road boundary but concerning Utility apparatus or reinstatements.

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