FOI Request - Dead Pets Found

Request 101000217861

1) What is your policy on dealing with dead pets which are found by your workers

2) If your policy is to freeze the pets, could you please provide the following information:

a) Please list all animals which you have frozen since March 2012, including the type and quantity of each animal.

b) For how long do you store animals before destroying them?

c) The number of animals that were frozen in the past two years and which were retrieved by their owners

d) The cost of storing/freezing the animals on a yearly basis

e) Details of the animal which has been stored the longest, including length of time and type of animal.

Response 03-02-2014

1. Our policy is that any dead pet found by workers are taken to the local vet who scans them to see if they have a microchip.  If they are chipped the vet will contact the owners, if there is no chip they are disposed of.

2. (a) N/A

(b) N/A

(c) N/A

(d) N/A

(e) N/A

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