FOI Request - Taxi Licensing Operator Checks

Request 101000217815

1 If an operator makes a check with the licensing office to check if a driver has renewed his badge at the time of licence expiry will you provide this information to the operator? This would relate to a driver that works for the operator making

2 If an operator makes a check to see if a private hire vehicle licence has been renewed at the time of licence expiry will the licensing office confirm whether or not the licence has been renewed? This would apply to a vehicle licence that is operated by the operator asking the question.

3 Does the council keep a centralised log of its taxi licensing enforcement activity so that statistics and details of enforcement can be easily accessed?

In relation to question 1 and 2 I suppose I am asking does the council share certain information in relation to public safety.

Response 14-02-2014

1. In terms of paragraph 14 of Schedule 1 to the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, local authorities are required to keep a register of licensing applications, including taxi driver applications.  This register is required to contain details of:

  • the date of receipt of each application;
  • the decision made in relation to the application (i.e. grant or refusal);
  • the kind and terms of licence issued, including for example the date of effect and expiry of the licence; and
  • any suspension, variation of the terms, or surrender of a licence.

In addition, local authorities are required to make the register available for inspection by any member of the public at all reasonable times.  Considering this therefore, when an operator asked the licensing authority for details of whether or not a driver had renewed his taxi driver’s licence (or “taxi badge” as it is commonly known) this information would be on the basis that it would be necessary to do so.

2. Please see response to question 1 above, which applies to private hire vehicles as it does for taxi drivers and all other licences administered under reference to Schedule 1 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

3. The Council’s Licensing department maintains an electronic record of all complaints received and any enforcement action taken as a result of those complaints.

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