FOI Request - Housing - Dampness Training

Request 101000217790

(1) List what formal dampness training courses the Council's Senior Housing Inspectors & Housing Inspectors have undertaken and completed?

(2) Please list what dampness meters and other machinery the Housing Inspectors have had formal training to use.

(3)Is there a dedicated dampness surveyor or dampness specialist employed by the Council?

(4) If so, what training has this person received and what formal qualifications have they gained that are specific to dampness and dampness penetration of walls?

(5) What types of plasterboard should be used on the inside of external cavity walls to satisfy building regulations and/or laws?

(6) Any other volunteered information relating to building cavity wall dampness penetration and suggested repairs will be appreciated.

Response 11-02-2014

1. Our Housing Inspectors have attended CPD sessions with a number of providers over the years and have a wide knowledge of dampness and condensation issues though their own work experience. All inspectors have appropriate technical qualifications in order to fulfil their normal duties. 

2. Inspectors have access to Protimeters for initial assessment of possible dampness or condensation issues. Officers have many years of experience in terms of identifying dampness and condensation issues and this has enabled them to use these meters without the need for formal training.

3. Not directly - see answer to Question 6.

4. N/A

5. The types of plasterboard can vary depending on each situation.

6. To support the work of Officers, the Council has a framework in place which allows it to use specialist surveyors who will look at dampness issues and prepare independent reports which may lead to further work on particular properties (if required).

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