FOI Request - Licensed Taxi Drivers Disclosure - Children

Request 101000215718

1. I would like to find out how many of the Moray Council Licensed Taxi Drivers who regularly transport children to and from breakfast/afterschool clubs to schools, have full enhanced disclosure or are members of the PVG scheme?

2. Are these transport companies contracted by the Moray Council or are they individually contracted by the "nurseries"?

3. If they are contracted by the nurseries, does Moray Council still have a duty of care to the children as a lot of these placements are government funded?

4. Are parents made aware that not all Taxi Drivers have Full Enhanced Disclosure/Pvg Scheme?

Response 30-01-2014

1. All children conveyed to and from schools on contracts procured by The Moray Council Public Transport Unit (PTU) travel on coaches, minibuses or taxis with drivers who are members of the PVG scheme. On production of a PVG scheme membership certificate, an approved driver badge is issued. If transport is arranged by parents or groups, the PTU has no involvement, financial or operational, in dictating which companies will be used but will advise where requested.

2. Moray Council's Public Transport Unit procures home to school transport for all entitled primary and secondary school pupils. Nursery Transport is not a statutory transport entitlement and the PTU has no involvement in providing this except for a small number of nursery pupils with particular needs, this being authorised by a senior education officer.

3. Nurseries do not contract transport for children.

4. N/A as any transport required is organised through the PTU who procure from companies where drivers are members of the PVG scheme (see Q1).

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