FOI Request - Electric Car Charging

Request 101000215684

The request regards the installation and use of electric charging points.

1) How many electric car charging points is the council responsible for (either directly or through a contractor)?

2) How much has the council spent on electric car charging in 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13? Please provide a yearly breakdown and include installation, operating, maintenance and any other related costs. Please also include the use of any grants, rather than offset them.

3) How many times was each charging point used in 2013, January to December inclusive?

Response 31-01-2014

1) 6 Units in total (Rapid Charger in Elgin not commissioned until 25/12/2013 and has not been used yet).

2) All Grant funded by Transport Scotland

2a) 2010/11 - £0.00

2b) 2011/12 - £26,919.35

2c) 2012/13 - £48,545.52

3)There have be a total number of 76 visits during 2013 and they are broken down as follows:-

Elgin (2 Units) - 70

Buckie - 2

Forres - 4

Keith - No information Available via Back Office

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