FOI Request - Zurich Municipal Insurers

Request 101000215396

Does your organisation insure with Zurich Municipal via their Select group of policies - Yes/No

If Yes, does your organisation have an All Risks - Part K policy under the select group of policies - Yes/No
This is the policy which covers for All Risks items of a higher value and where All Risks cover would be needed.

If the answer is No to either of the above then please discontinue with this FOI and reply as appropriate.

If you do have an All Risks-Part K policy then please supply a copy of this document as part of this FOI request and answer the following:

This question relates to the theft cover under the All Risks - Part K of the select policy which has no specific definition of theft within the policy itself.  As such clarification may need to be sought from insurers via e-mail on the following point:

a) Is the theft cover restricted to forcible and violent entry/exit from the premises.

b) Is theft not restricted to forcible and violent entry/exit from the premises.

Your insurer is a regulated firm under the Financial Conduct Authority and as such is duty bound under the conditions of the Financial Conduct Authority Handbook  containing 11 principles for business which are fundamental obligations of all firms under the regulatory system.  Item 7 refers to Communications with Clients:

A firm must pay due regard to the information needs of its clients and communicate to them in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading.

The question raised is very simple and straightforward requiring a Yes/No answer.

Response 06-02-2014

Yes, the organisation does insure with Zurich Municipal.

The copy of the document you requested can be found here.

a) yes

b) no

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