FOI Request - Redco Milne - Ownership of Land

Request 101000215293

I note in the latest reports reference Redco Milne ownership of land in Forres this includes the common good land previously occupied by the gas works.  Could you please detail the date when this change of ownership occurred.  Please tell me when the money realised was credited to the Forres Common Good.

Response 24-01-2014

This land was sold by The Moray Council to Tesco Stores Limited in 1997 for £110,000 and I enclose a copy of the Disposition along with plans for your information. I further enclose a deed by British Gas plc to The Moray District Council registered in 1987 which demonstrates that the majority of the land sold to Tescos was previously owned by British Gas and its predecessors since 1890 and any accounting for this piece of ground in terms of the common good would have occurred well over 100 years ago. I do note however that the 1997 deed makes reference to common good land contained in the Royal Charter and while it is outwith the parameters of an FOI request to investigate this it does at least raise a question to be answered in the future. From a quick check of the titles I wonder whether the reference to the Royal Charter relates to that small piece of ground measuring approximately 8 metres by 22 metres lying to the north of the subjects disposed of in the 1987 deed and marked “ground belonging to Moray District Council”. 

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