FOI Request - School Meals

Request 101000214037

1. How are school meals provided local authority schools in your area, ie. is pre-prepared food delivered by caterers or is food prepared from ingredients in house?

2. How many local authority schools in your area have functioning kitchen premises for the purpose of preparing school meals?

3. How many pupils can use your schools’ dining facilities at one time and how many additional pupils could these facilities accommodate?

4. How many kitchen staff are employed in schools in your area?

Response 07-02-2014

1. All meals are freshly prepared with local ingredients where possible.

2. 40 schools.

3. This question is not easy to answer as all schools are different in the way they operate at lunchtime - smaller schools have 2 sittings to ensure all pupils can be accommodated.

4. 231 Catering staff.

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