FOI Request - New High School Buildings

Request 101000213000

I would like to submit a request for information as follows:

Please could you provide details of any new high school buildings (high schools to include all secondary education facilities) constructed within the last 10 years, including but not limited to their dates of construction, the details of the architects/architectural firms involved in their designs (if known), the contact details for any of you own council's architects involved in their construction, and basic floor plans for each (with room names/purposes). Also, could you please provide similar details for any High Schools which have been completely or partially (greater than 50%) refurbished, plus any High Schools which have undergone significant extensions.

Please could you also provide contact details for the senior management teams of the aforementioned high schools, and details of whether any of the new high schools have been direct replacements for a previous high school.

Could you also please provide any information you have on the design methodology used by your council in the building/refurbishment of high schools, particularly where this relates to reducing bullying and improving pupil performance, and details of any Government Programmes/Publications which have had an impact on the design of high schools in your local authority area.

Response 16-01-2014

The information you requested can be found (a) here (b) here (c) here (d) here and (e) here

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