FOI Request - Redco Milne and Council Meeting Details

Request 101000212191

Can you provide me with details of all council employee meetings with Redco Milne employees and it's agents/contractors since 1 January 2013.

Please include dates, times and duration, names of those present, purpose of the meetings, minutes and or notes taken, email/diary references to the meetings.

Please include telephone meetings e.g. pre-arranged calls.

Response 31-01-2014

•     21 June 2013

•     8 October 2013

•     17  December 2013

There were no notes or minutes of the meetings.  At the meeting on the 8 October 2013 what was discussed was options for commercial arrangements for sale, lease or other financial mechanism for common good land and potential procedures, timescales and milestones for the project. This was the first discussion with Redco Milne following the planning permission decision to consider how the project would move forward.  There were no notes taken of this meeting.

The meeting held on 17 December 2013 was at the request of Redco Milne and was commercial in confidence and is therefore exempt under Section 33(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; Commercial Interests.

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