FOI Request - Internet Filtering/Blocking/Monitoring Access

Request 101000212138

The software and/or hardware the council currently uses for Filtering/Blocking/Monitoring access to the Internet for Council staff and Education users.

Please include details of current contracts for the above services; including

(a) the number of devices being filtered through the service(s)

(b) details of which software/hardware is being used,

(c) capital and revenue costs,

(d) contract start and expiry dates,

(e) which company and/or resellers these service were purchased from,

(f) the names of the person(s) responsible for the contract(s).

Response 31-01-2014

(a)      4490 devices

(b)       Websense

(c)        £51,000 – revenue only

(d)       Renewal due in September 2014.

(e)       Satisnet

(f)       ICT Infrastructure Manager 

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