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Request 101000206516

I seek the following information on council practice and policy regarding access to planning information.

1. Does the council publish a regular "weekly list" of new planning applications, and recent planning decisions? If so, please provide the url where this is published. Please confirm the electronic file format that the weekly list is published in. Please also confirm whether the "weekly list" is available in printed form for those who have no access to email or the internet.

2. Does the council distribute the "weekly list," directly to anyone by email? If so, how many people are currently on the mailing list?

3. Can anyone be added to the email distribution list for the "weekly planning list?" If so, is this promoted to the public and by what means? If there is an any sign-up information on the council website, please supply the url.

4. If the email distribution of the "weekly list," is limited to particular stakeholders, please supply the policy or guidance that identifies who is and who is not permitted to receive the "weekly list" by email. If there is no formal guidance, please provide an informal explanation of current policy.

5. Does the council publish summary information of new applications and planning decisions by RSS feed, or GeoRSS feed? If so, please supply the relevant urls. If not, do the council have plans to implement this in the next 18 months?

6. Does the council supply with information on all new applications on a regular basis? If not, does the council supply a sub-set or none at all? If not, does the council plan to work with in the next 18 months?

7. Does the council webcast planning committee meetings? If not, are there plans to do so in the next 18 months?

8. Does the council record the votes cast by individual councillors in planning committee meetings in the committee minutes? If not, are there plans to do so in the next 18 months?

9. Does the council maintain a database of organisations that should be pro-actively consulted by developers undertaking a Pre-Application Consultation? If so, can any organisation register to be on the database, and if not, please supply the policy or guidance that is used to determine which organisations are suitable for inclusion.

10. Does the council provide guidance to developers that ensures that electronic documents are provided in a format and file size that will be accessible to the public when published online? If so, please supply this guidance.  

11. Does the council take steps to pro-actively promote Pre-Application Consultation events to local stakeholders? If so, how?

Response 10-01-2014

1. Weekly list available at this is an online list. 

There are no printed versions available.

2. There are 3 lists that go out weekly.  One to community councils, one to Councillors and the other list is to various people (other departments in Council, newspapers, police, etc). A list of decided applications and the weekly list of applications received is uploaded onto the Councillors Portal, on a weekly basis.

3.  Not promoted to the public, no sign- up information on council website.

Anyone who makes a request to be added to the list will be considered. There is a search on public access which members of the public can enter a date range and this will pull through applications decided or received within those dates. 

4. No formal guidance.  If a request is made to be added on to the circulation list then this is request has been granted.  Not aware of anyone being refused to be added on to the circulation list.

5. No RSS feed and no plans to do so in the next 18 months.

6. TellmeScotland is used for placing advertisements only and not the full weekly list.

Applications that are being advertised are put in the paper and also uploaded onto Tell Me Scotland.  No plans to work further with Tell Me Scotland.

7. Yes

8. Yes

9. No, only for internal use.

10. Yes on E-planning web site only.

11. Pre-application consultation on major planning applications is carried out with local and statutory consultees and not local stakeholders.

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