FOI Request - Trading Standards Stolen or Purchased ID

Request 101000206506

To explain the background to this FOI, we are aware of widespread abuse of official ID documents by under-18s trying to buy alcohol. In particular, we have strong anecdotal evidence of people selling driving licences and other official documents to under-18s to allow them to break the law.

1. Please provide all documents, including emails, memos and written reports, in which this subject has been discussed by trading standard officials.

2. Please provide the number of and details of cases where any premises with a license to sell alcohol (on and off sales) has broken the law or been investigated for selling alcohol to under-18s using a stolen or purchased I.D. for example a passport; drivers license.

3. Please also provide details of the number of cases of misuse of driving licences where underage alcohol purchase was known to be, or suspected to be, the motivation.

Response 13-12-2013

Nil return.  Age related sales of alcohol is a police function in Scotland.



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