FOI Request - Management of Household Waste

Request 101000204877

Please provide details of the contracts you have in place for managing your household waste.

1. Waste Disposal

2. Waste Treatment

3. Waste Collection - Residual

4. Waste Collection - Recyclate

For each contract please provide the following information:
(a) contractor
(b) start date
(c) finish date
(d) extension periods
(e) facilities used

If you have more than one contract for any Category please provide details of each one. Waste treatment can include food, green, dry recyclates etc.

If any services are provided by your own staff can you please show them as 'in-house'.

Response 24-12-2013

1. In house

2. In house and the following:

(a) Keenan Recycling (for treatment of green and food waste).

(b) 1 April 2010.

(c) 31 March 2014.

(d) 12 Month extension awarded from 1 April 2013.

(e) In house transport from Council transfer station to Keenan Recycling facilities at Hillhead of Auchreddie, New Deer, Turriff, AB53 6YH.

3. In house.

4. In house.

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