Review of Sport and Leisure and Recreation Provision

A review of sport, leisure and recreation provision in Moray started in November, and this page has been established to provide information on the process and regular updates.


The following is a press release sent to the media in November explaining the background to this review:

A review of sport leisure and recreation provision in Moray is starting this week.  Moray Council is undertaking the review to establish an affordable match against the established need for various facilities.

These facilities include swimming pools, community centres, football and sports pitches, and town halls. The review will look at what activities are undertaken and endeavour to establish any patterns of use that are not being met by the existing network.  Sports clubs and local communities will be contacted over the next few weeks to establish links to the review team and ensure they are kept informed of the progress.

The review is being led by a cross-party steering group of councillors; Anne Skene, Douglas Ross, Aaron Mclean and Barry Jarvis.  Speaking at the launch yesterday, Cllr Skene said that the council was seeking a best fit solution within a reduced budget.

“The rationale behind the review is that we have to look at what we are spending on leisure and recreation facilities to make sure nothing is being underused or money wasted,” she said.  “It may be that some investment is needed in certain areas to make the provision adequate, but clearly that is against a backdrop of a diminishing budget.”

The review team will be establishing a page on the council’s website to keep people informed, and there will be an early opportunity to take part in a survey to gauge opinions.  Professional referee, Cllr Douglas Ross, said it would be irresponsible not to look at the network of facilities to ensure local need is met.

“This is a big task and I am pleased that the council is using the SportScotland model to help assess provision,” he said.

“Their independent analysis tool will provide objectivity to parts of the process. I would encourage everyone who engages in an activity at any of our facilities to make sure their views are known to the review team.”

Starting next month, a series of community briefing meetings will be held at local venues. These initial meetings will be open specifically to community associations, community councils, area forums and user groups of facilities.

Cllr Jarvis said that the location doesn’t dictate who should attend.  “There are lots of groups of interest that should attend,” he said.  “People travel extensively to take part in their chosen sport or activity, so the briefings do not necessarily just apply to those living locally.”

Core Fact Information

Please find below links to core facts for the condition of a number of leisure facilities in Moray and a digest on the Sportscotland Facilities Planning Model that the Council are commissioning as part of this review.

Leisure Facility Condition

The condition of swimming pools, PDF, community centres, PDF and town halls, PDF  are assessed in depth every five years with an annual revision based on work undertaken together with any important information gained from the property inspectors regular visits.  The survey is undertaken on an elemental basis (roofs, electrics, windows etc) and each element is given a priority in order to come to a final score and categorisation.  For instance roofs are given a higher priority than internal decoration as if the roof fails this could have a significant impact on the operation of the facility.  The ratings for condition are A – good, B - satisfactory, C – poor and D – bad.

Sportscotland Facilities Planning Model

Moray Council have commissioned a Facilities Planning Model (FPM), PDF in relation to this review.  The FPM provides an objective assessment of the relationship between the likely demand for sports facilities in an area and the actual supply.  

Sportscotland are only able to produce FPM’s for swimming pools and sports halls.  These reports will be published on this webpage once the final report is complete.


The anticipated schedule is as follows:-

  1. Steering Group and Project Team established – early November.
  2. Sportscotland Facilities Planning Model commissioned – early November.
  3. Launch of review – Friday 22 November.
  4. Between 9 – 16 December evening community briefing sessions to be held with representatives from Community Councils, Area Forums, Community Associations and User Groups of facilities.  These briefings are intended to explain the background, context and process of the review to the representatives, particularly the ways in which they and the groups they represent will be able to express their views, as the study progresses - view Community Briefing presentation (PDF).
  5. December – National Governing Bodies of Sport consultation and collation of key statistical and analytical information from all facilities.
  6. Monday 6 January 2014 – online survey goes live for user groups, community organisations and the general public to complete.  Deadline for survey is Sunday 2 February 2014.
  7. Early February – analysis of information and findings gathered leading to an initial list of options to consider (including ‘status quo’) which will be brought to steering group and Area Based Review Group to verify.
  8. End of February – Analysis and proposed options made available to the user groups, community groups and then to the general public for comment.
  9. Early March – produce detailed report to Area Based Review Group where preferred options will be identified to be progressed.
  10. July - Report and proposals considered at Special Full Council
  11. Sept – Consultation sessions with staff and local community on proposals
  12. Oct-Jan – Implement changes in relation to proposals
  13. Oct-Sept 2015 – Monitor, evaluate and review changes
  14. Oct-Dec 2015 – Report on changes considered at Special Full Council – identify next steps


A series of mechanisms will be put in place to enable the local community and organisations to contribute towards this review.

  • A general email address has been set up to receive comments and queries.
  • The community and local organisations will also have the opportunity to comment on the series of options identified following the analysis of all the information gathered.  Further information in relation to this will be circulated and available on this webpage in due course.

Part 2

  • Please complete the Online Survey.
  • Online survey on proposals will be available from 18th August 2014 and will be open until 5th October 2014
  • Above email address still operating and will receive comments and queries.
  • To update user groups/individuals, community representatives etc on the proposals identified and to gain feedback on these proposals the following community briefing sessions have been organised;
    • Thurs 4th Sept, 7-9pm, Speyside High School, Aberlour
    • Wed 10th Sept, 7-9pm, Keith Grammar School
    • Thurs 11th Sept, 7-9pm, Lossiemouth High School
    • Tues 16th Sept, 7-9pm, Forres Academy
    • Tues 23rd Sept, 7-9pm, Milnes High School, Fochabers
    • Thurs 25th Sept, 7-9pm, Buckie High School
    • Mon 29th Sept, 7-9pm, Elgin Academy

Due to the number of organisations that use sport, leisure and recreation facilities we have to restrict representation to one member per organisation.  If you would like to reserve a space at one of these sessions please confirm your attendance by emailing or telephone 01343 563915 by Mon 1st Sept indicating any special access requirements.


  1. View a copy of the process, timeline and report information (PDF)
  2. A summary of the comments raised at the community briefing sessions held in December can be accessed on the following document – community briefing session document (PDF).
  3. A summary of the comments raised at the staff briefing sessions held in January/February can be accessed on the following document – staff briefing session summary (PDF).
  4. The online and hard copy survey that was open to the public has attracted 1,690 responses. These have all been analysed and a survey report (PDF) has been produced to reflect this analysis.
  5. A summary of the proposals identified by the review report. View the proposals (PDF)
  6. Consultation session dates, times and locations currently being arranged and will be confirmed in due course but will take place in Sept 2015.  

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