FOI Request - Community Council Elections

Request 101000203898

1) When was your last set of Community Council elections?

2) How many Community Councils were there prior to these elections?

3) How many of the Community Councils, which existed prior to these elections, had to be disbanded following them, due to not having the required number of office bearers/interested persons?

4) How many of the elections were contested at the previous set of elections?

5) How many of the elections were contested at the most recent set of elections?

Response 05-12-2013

1. September 2013 completing with the poll on 31 October 2013

2. Prior to these elections there were 16 active established Community Councils out of the provision for 20 Community Councils in the Scheme of establishment of Community Councils for this area.

3.  One previously active Community Council was disbanded.

4. In 2009, two Community Councils were partially contested.

5. Five Community Councils were contested, of these two Community Councils were fully contested and three Community Councils were partially contested. In relation to ‘contests’ some of the Community Councils are divided into sub-divisions, some of these sub-divisions were contested but this does not mean that the whole community council area was contested, it is therefore referred to as partially contested.

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