FOI Request - Elgin By-Pass

Request 101000202956

On page 75 of the Monitoring Report, published alongside the Main Issues Report, the table containing:

“Elgin By-pass – prepare strategy to identify key tasks including feasibility appraisal, timetable and monitoring of progress” states under “Progress” that the “Case for by-pass was dependant upon resolving Elgin’s internal traffic congestion.”

Given recent developments, i.e. the de facto bypass incumbent upon a dualled A96, I would like to see any record (including but not limited to: minutes, internal or external reports and communications/correspondence) that you hold which set out the detail and reasoning of why the “Case for by-pass was dependant upon resolving Elgin’s internal traffic congestion”.

Response 16-12-2013

Tavish Scott MSP, whilst he was Minister for Transport on his visit to Elgin in August 2006, spoke with encouraging words for a possible Elgin Bypass in the future, but clearly made the point that the Government would expect the Moray Council to “do their bit” (my words not his) and deliver their planned proposals to deal with local traffic if they expected the Government to build an A96 Bypass.

The statement which you have quoted refers to the progress that was made with the Action Programme in the 2008 Plan, and is taken from the Monitoring Report that was prepared in 2011/2012 and was published along with the Main Issues Report in Nov 2012.

At that time the drive to obtain an A96 Bypass of Elgin was in the past, as the Scottish Government excluded it from their Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR), and the statement was not meant in the context it is now being taken. It is also unfortunate that not itemising the different activities may give the impression they were linked.

The Planning Department have used their own terminology in what was a monitoring paper and not a policy paper.

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