Moray Town Partnership (MTP)

The funding for Moray Towns Partnership came to an end on 31st March 2018. There have not been any projects undertaken since that date.

On 31st March 2009, The Moray Council’s Economic Development & Infrastructure Committee gave permission and funding for the Moray Towns Partnership (MTP) project.

The 2005 Donaldson “Towns Promotion and Development” report and the Moray 2020 report had recognised the importance of the 4 towns of Buckie, Forres, Keith and Lossiemouth to the economy of Moray – and in particular how they have a complementary role to the area’s largest town, Elgin, and that the development of the four towns would help create a mini-city region strategically located between Aberdeen and Inverness.

The project fits well with the new Moray Economic Strategy with its focus on economic development and aiming to increase footfall and decrease vacancies in the town.

With ongoing projects in Elgin such as the Elgin BIDs and developing projects arising from the Elgin City for the Future report, the Moray Towns Partnership gives a focus to economic development in Moray’s other main towns.

Aims and Objectives

Aims and objectives were all agreed by the MTP steering group at the outset as was the overall purpose: “to enhance the economic prosperity, vitality and viability of the towns of Buckie, Forres, Keith and Lossiemouth through co-operation and implementation of agreed action plans.”

Aims are:

  • Develop the economies of the four towns
  • Foster a network of the four towns that can exchange ideas and solutions
  • assess the health of the towns’ economies
  • Provide strategic support and guidance and to promote, deliver and advise on identified initiatives
  • Promotion of the four towns for tourism and as retail destinations

The project will aim to increase footfall, decrease business vacancies and increase employment in the towns. This will be measured by the healthcheck techniques to be proposed in a future committee report.

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