FOI Request - Thefts by Carers

Request 101000201662

I am trying to find out how many complaints the council has received about their carers allegedly stealing from their wards.

1. the number of such complaints the council has received each year between January 1, 2013 and November 1, 2013, and the whole of 2012, 2011 and 2010.

2. the number of complaints that were investigated and found to be true for each of the above years. In this instance, if possible please provide a breakdown of the items stolen (eg, money, jewellery, other personal belongings).

3. the number of carers subsequently dismissed as a result for each year

4. the number of carers employed by the council in each of the above years.

Please also provide details of the council's procedure when such a complaint is raised, and what steps are gone through.

Response 23-12-2013

1. There was one such complaint in 2012.

2. The complaint was formally investigated by the police immediately on the allegation of the theft of money.

3. None - member of staff resigned prior to disciplinary hearing.

4. 2010 - 395

2011 - 417

2012 - 425

2013 - 497

All allegations are investigated through the disciplinary process and if the allegation is thought to be serious, staff members are suspended whilst the investigation is being completed. Evidence is collated and a disciplinary hearing will be convened if there is evidence that the allegation is true. Disciplinary outcome would be according to the breach of conduct. Theft would be considered under gross misconduct which could lead to dismissal.

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