FOI Request - Cloud Computing Services

Request 101000200662

1. Does the council use Cloud computing services?

2. If so, which Cloud computing service and provider are being used?

3. If known, in which country is the Cloud computing service’s servers located?

4. What measures are taken to ensure that content stored on the Cloud is compliant with the Data Protection Act?

5. Did the council request specific terms and conditions?

6. Does the Cloud computing service that is being used comply with the EU’s standard contractual terms?

Response 13-12-2013

1. yes

2. Software services covering corporate performance management from Covalent.

3. UK

4. The nature of the data stored is not relevant to the Data Protection Act.

5. The Council's procurement process ensures all contracts include conditions relating to data protection where appropriate.

6. Data is not transferred outside the EU and therefore not applicable.

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