FOI Request - Unmarked Graves

Request 101000199970

I’m researching the subject of unmarked graves of children in Britain. In Lanark, South Lanarkshire, there is an unmarked grave of children from the former Smyllum children’s home at St Mary’s RC Burial Ground. A similar plot has been set aside in a churchyard in Lennoxtown, East Dunbartonshire, for former residents of Lennox Castle Hospital - many of whom were children.

Around 10 years ago, a group of campaigners who were in Smyllum were successful in getting a new memorial erected at the burial ground. However, they now believe that such unmarked mass graves of children who died in care may in fact be found all over the country and they would like to see similar memorials erected at every site.

Can you tell me which – if any – cemeteries in your council area contain unmarked graves of children who died while in residential care, whether they were in a state-run or a church-run institution. There may be many such graves going back to Victorian times but I am particularly interested in any which were still in use after the Second World War.

If such plots do exist, I would also like to request any additional details as you are able to release – such as the number of bodies that may be interred there, the dates the plot was in use from and to and the name of the institutions that used the plot.

Response 04-12-2013

Moray Council do not have any unmarked graves of children who died while in residential care.

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