FOI Request - Illegal Immigrants

Request 101000199634

1) How many illegal immigrants have worked in/for the council from January 2010 up until your most recent records in 2013?
(This includes cleaners, secretaries etc up to senior posts)

Please note, by 'illegal immigrant', I refer to anyone who entered the UK without authority; entered with false documents, overstayed their visa; or worked or studied on a tourist visa/non-immigrant visa waiver.

Also note: This question should include any unlawful foreign workers later discovered to be illegal immigrants since January 2010 (so they may have begun working before this date).

2) Please tell me what nationalities these immigrants were and what their roles were (i.e. cleaner)

3)Which office and department were they based in

4) Whether or not they were knowingly/deliberately employed

5) When the council discovered they were illegal immigrants, what action was taken? If fines were given, please provide the total amount of the fine. And if no action was taken, please state 'no action taken'.

Response 21-11-2013

1. None

2. N/A

3. N/A

4. N/A

5. N/A

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